Aspen Early Civil Earthworks Project

Acden Lakeshore Contracting LP was selected as the preferred proponent for the Aspen Early Civil Earthworks Project. The Aspen Project (Aspen) is an in‐situ steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) oil sands project in Northern Alberta. The project, which is expected to produce about 75,000 barrels of bitumen per day, will include the first major commercial application of next‐generation oil sands recovery technology designed to lower greenhouse gas emissions intensity and water use.

Our scope of work includes 10 km of Main Access Road (MAR) construction, rough grading for the Central Processing Facility (CPF) and a bridge over the North Steepbank River. Additionally, some roads and pads for drilling and test wells. Approximate quantities for the project are as follows:

  • Grubbing ‐ 200 hectares
  • Topsoil and Subsoil Removal ‐ 142,187 m3
  • Peat Removal ‐ 394,471 m3
  • Unsuitable Material Excavation ‐ 425,000 m3
  • Common & Borrow Excavation ‐ 769,547 m3
  • Culverts ‐ 1,526 m
  • Geotextiles ‐ 545,845 m2
  • Sand Sub‐base ‐ 31,000 tonnes
  • Surface Course Aggregate ‐ 52,362 tonnes
  • Base Course Aggregate ‐ 80,805 tonnes

Project Highlights

Client: Imperial Oil Resources Ltd.

Start Date: November 2018

End Date: July 2019

Contract Type: Unit Rate