Productivity and safety go hand in hand. Integrity Earth & Iron is committed to the highest level of Health and Safety on all job sites. We ensure that all personnel are fully trained in pertinent safety courses, and ground disturbance. Integrity Earth & Iron has a comprehensive, user-friendly Health and Safety Program in place. This is readily available to all employees, Subcontractors, and Major Contractors for review. Integrity maintains a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR). Our company has never had a fatality or an injury that resulted in the hospitalization of an employee. We have not had charges incurred by OHS for any reason, or penalties assessed against our firm.

Loss Management in the areas of fire prevention, employee accidents, security, and the environment is a total commitment by Integrity Earth & Iron and its employees.

Hse Managed

Integrity Earth & Iron has a HSE Manager who is also a National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO). This provides a valuable resource to a Contractor in the construction business. The safety personnel provide a hands-on resource to our supervisors and employees on the work site. They review the safety manual regularly and address pertinent safety issues as they arise.


Our experience is that a Company who provides a safe and healthy workplace and cares about the employees gets a workforce that reciprocates with good work habits and high productivity.