White Spruce Fuel Supply Contract

Integrity Earth and Iron was selected as the preferred proponent for fuel supply on the White Spruce Pipeline Project by Ledcor.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Mobilization, demobilization, commissioning, decommissioning, and provision of fuel tanks based on a per liter overhead and taxes added to the daily Edmonton rack rates.
  • Provide a Cardlock Fueling system complete with a generator, four fuel positions, satellite communicating fuel level monitors, and required safety equipment.
  • Delivery of fuel at a frequency that ensures an uninterrupted supply of fuel.
  • Assist in development of the Emergency Response Plan and JHA as it relates to the fuel supply scope.
  • Provide Safe Work Procedures for loading and transferring of fuels.
    Complete documented weekly inspections of the tanks and supporting equipment.
  • Obtain permit(s) from the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta.
  • Ensure all responsibilities outlined in Horizon North Fuel Storage Handling Requirements and Responsibilities are included or complied with or maintained throughout the course of the project

Project Highlights

Client: Ledcor Pipeline Ltd.

Start Date: June 2018

Contract Type: Unit Rate